Deluxe Lucha Loot February Crate

About 5 months ago Masked Republic started a lucha libre themed subscription crate. Every month for $19.95 plus shipping you can get a standard crate that comes with an issue of Rudo Can’t Fail; an english language Lucha zine, a T-shirt, an officially licensed mask of a lucha libre star, and an autographed 8×10. I subscribe to the deluxe crate for $32.45 plus shipping which includes a T-Shirt sized 2x or 3x, the zine, a mask, the autograph and some exclusives. T-shirts in smaller sizes come in crates priced at $29.95 Today I’ll show what I got in my February deluxe crate. If you’re interested in signing up after reading this you can at if you are a new subscriber and use the code WRESWFILM you can get 10% off your first crate!

The deluxe crate included this awesome A Clockwork Orange logo style Ingobernales t-shirt.The Standard crates gets a different shirt than the deluxes. A Clockwork Orange happens to be one of my favorite movies. I wore it immediately after receiving it. The picture on the left is the front and the right is the back of the shirt.


Bub is sporting this month’s mask which is a Fantasma/Hijo del Fantasma mask.


This month’s autographed 8×10 was of the luchadora Thunder Rosa who also happens to be Kobra Moon on El Rey’s Lucha Underground


Also included was a Lucha Las Vegas pilot screener, a lucha gym sticker, Rudo Can’t Fail Issue 4, an art card of the Rudo Can’t Fail issue 3 cover and a Mistico keychain. The only things in this picture that were in the standard crate were the RCF issue and the lucha gym sticker.IMG_4345.JPG

A Mucha Lucha ATL poster was also included in the deluxe crates. Randomly inserted ones were signed by Pentagon Jr. and Fenix.

If you like what you see head on over to and sign up using the code WRESWFILM for 10% off your first crate.


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