Illegal Aliens Review and Giveaway

Today is a bittersweet day. It’s the day before Vicious Outcast Wrestling’s Purge show. It also marks the passing of the 9th Wonder of the World Joanie “Chyna” Laurer. I’m still fairly new to the wrestling fandom so I wasn’t watching during her prime in the Attitude Era. I have seen some of her matches on my Attitude Era and DX DVDs. Today however I would like to celebrate her life through what I do know her from and that is her film work. A few weeks back I purchased Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy which Chyna has a small part in but today we are going to focus on the 2007 film Illegal Aliens. Now I happened to win 6 sealed copies of Illegal Aliens back in December of last year. Upon hearing the news of Chyna’s passing while in the parking lot of my volunteer job I decided I would watch this film. I hadn’t heard many good things about this movie but it was just what I needed a sci fi comedy romp.

The basic plot is that 3 shapeshifting aliens are sent to Earth in 1987 to protect the world from aliens wishing to do humans harm. They take the form of beautiful women portrayed by Lenise Soren, Anna Nicole Smith and Gladise Jimenez

Illegal aliens                     From left to right: Lenise as Cameron, Anna as Lucy and Gladise as Drew

The Illegal Aliens as the girls are called are assisted by the AI Syntax to help save the world. During the times the world doesn’t need saved they are Hollywood stunt coordinators except for Lucy who seems to have her own reality show.


After 3 years on Earth an evil alien named Rex who happened to be in a relationship with Cameron inhabits the body of the local eatery and bar’s wife. Who just happens to be fiendishly and hilariously portrayed by Chyna.

Chyna.jpg                                                                   Chyna as Rex

Rex kills her host body’s husband Tony and proclaims that everyone is working for her now. Anyone who objects is shot. Her objective is to get the necessary parts to build a mega gravitron and destroy the world so that aliens can relegate it as their home planet.

I’d really like to not get into much else about the movie but will say it is tons of mindless fun with lots of fart jokes, girls kicking ass, and Chyna who seems to really love working on this film and getting into this role. There is also quite a bit of fourth wall breaking.

I’ve decided to rate films from here on out like wrestling matches which are out of 5 stars. This one is a solid 3 and 1/2 stars I had a lot of fun with it.

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