Drunknado: The Wrestlening Part 2

Well today I continue my absurd task of covering the Sharknado films that star wrestlers. Honestly if anything came of the SyFy airing of Smackdown/ partnership with WWE this is it. Former wrestler cameos in Sharknado films. Now I know in Sharknado: The Second One Kurt Angle then TNA wrestler was in it but this time former WWE Diva Maryse and former WWE SuperStar Chris Jericho were in this film. Now when this started I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be an easy one to sit through so instead of my normal one can of steel reserve malt liquor I upped it to two.

The movie starts with Fin Sheppard running through Washington DC to accept the highest civilian honor for saving both Los Angeles and New York City. He’s running around being carted around by the secret service before coming upon a group of protesters and high tailing it to the white house.

Maryse as Officer Reese Davis                                                  Maryse as Officer Reese Davis

When he gets there he is stopped by two officers one of which is played by the Miz’ wife Maryse Mizanin. While all this horsecrap is happening at the White House, his now wife again April and daughter are at Universal Studio’s Orlando for a birthday I think. In DC another Sharknado has hit.

In Universal they encounter Bruce roller coaster operator who is played by Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho as Bruce                                                Chris Jericho as Bruce

Meanwhile the entire East Coast is being attacked by sharknadoes. What ensues is Fin saving them all from the sharknado. Nova from the first movie is back in leather and eventually just bra and panties. She helps Fin with the sharknadoes. There is trips to space and Bruce gets eaten alive.

Bruce eaten

Basically this movie is everywhere and anywhere. It’s a mess full of celeb cameos and mayhem. If you like Z grade movies that are filmed like they’re B movies then you’ll probably dig it.

Even though I was pretty hammered I didn’t really enjoy it. There’s some enjoyable things about it but over all it’s a stinker. I’d give it a 1 out of 5 and a pass unless you’re really drunk and want to see any and all things that star a wrestler.

As always you can find me at Wrestling With Film Facebook or at Independent wrestling shows throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. This one’s not for the sober minded you really got to be altered to even remotely enjoy it. Join me on my FB page this Saturday for a live tweet of Sharknado The 4th Awakens starring Seth Rollins. I’ll be drunk and so should you. Hopefully it’s the end of Sharknado sequels.

Paul AKA Scoochslam

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