Zombie Beast of the Confederacy

Today I finally sat down to watch another of former pro wrestler turned writer/director Diamond Troy Justice’s films titled Zombie Beast of the Confederacy from Wild Boar Films. This movie is jam packed with awesome; Canadian hillbillies, evil scientists, chemical warfare during the Civil War, Vietnam, and my favorite thing pro wrestlers as actors. This one happens to star Diamond Troy Justice, Bad Bubba Brewer, Sera Feeny, and Fleck. All wrestlers from Pennsylvania. Sera Feeny hasn’t wrestled in a while and now goes by April Sera but you can still follow her on twitter. April Sera Twitter She also has a Facebook April Sera Facebook She’s an awesome wrestler and I hope she returns to the ring soon. She’s talented and I think she could go places. So show her some love and support folks.

The movie revolves around the A.F.F. American Freedom Force and their retrieval of a black box in Canada as well as its exploits in Vietnam and Indiana County Pa. It all is connected to a virus created during the Civil War and a German scientist who has gotten his hands on the virus. It’s highly enjoyable.

AFFThe American Freedom Force. From left to right; Troy Justice as Captain John Steele, Fleck as Fleck, Sera Feeny as Dixie and Kracker Vance as Sniper

There’s a few good fight scenes with Dixie (Sera Feeny) and Sonya Krueger (Marissa Falcone) as well as one between Dixie and Captain Steele.

Dixie and Sonya.jpg                                               Dixie and Sonya fighting.

Dixie and Steele                                                               Dixie and Steele

Sgt Buzz.jpg                                           Bubba forefront as Sgt. Buzz



If you want a movie about zombie confederates, special forces, and betrayal then this film is for you. Keep in mind that I watched a screener. The movie will release on DVD on August 16th at Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Barnes and Nobles so be sure to pick it up. I give this movie a 3 out of  5 and think that with a larger budget Diamond Troy Justice’s films will be even better. Support independent film and pick this one up. You can preorder it on Amazon here Zombie Beast of the Confederacy Amazon

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