Miz the Season!

I’ve been gone for quite some time but I’m back! It’s December which means Christmas is right around the corner and it’s bringing a delivery full of ChristMiz prizes with it. I’m doing a giveaway for a package full of wrestlers in film and holiday cheer! To enter; you must be a resident of the United States, email Wrestlingwithfilm@yahoo.com and tell me about your favorite wrestling related Christmas memory or gift, like the Wrestling with Film Facebook page, invite a friend to like the page, and finally share this or one of the reviews to come throughout December where I’ll be reviewing Christmas films that star wrestlers on Facebook. Be sure to tag the page as well. I’ll put you all into a random number drawing and choose a winner on December 27th! It will probably be a live video on the facebook page so make sure to like the page. I’ll be picking some of my favorite entries of your wrestling Christmas memories or gifts and including them in my Christmas wrap up article.  Now onto the prizes!

Christmiz 2016.jpg

If you win you get this all! San Andreas and Pain and Gain starring The Rock, Illegal Aliens starring Chyna, Death Racers starring Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, and Raven. Why would I include Death Racers? Because J and Shags were actually backyard wrestlers and they have a promotion. You also get all 4 The Marine flicks, Christmas Bounty, and Santa’s Little Helper which is Paige’s film debut. That’s 4 movies starring the Miz. I’m a Miz mark so I had to include these. Plus he didn’t star in one Christmas movie but two! Last but not least you get the digital HD codes for Central Intelligence and Interrogation. It’s an instant wrestlers in film collection. I went out and purchased these all to show you just how much your support means. Keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas fun.



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