Pauls to the Wall with the Ballsy Badass Shotzi Blackheart

I had the chance to talk to the Ballsy Badass Shotzi Blackheart last night at Absolute Intense Wrestling‘s Girls Night Out 19 where she went on to win the Phoenix of RISE championship!IMG_6350


We talked about our love for horror films, her cameos and leading role as a scream queen and what movies we’ve recently enjoyed in the genre. If you want to check out some of her film work make sure to watch Mrs. Claus, Forgotten Tales, and Hetja 3. Also keep an eye out for a review of Doll Murder Spree where Shotzi is the leading lady sometime in the future. I think I have mistakenly called the series World of Death which features Mrs. Claus and Merry Christmas (not Santa Claus) in the interview  World of Horror. You can follow Shotzi on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Shotzi is located in California and is often on shows in So Cal but has been taking bookings in other parts of the country as well. Make sure to check out RISE and subscribe to Hoodslam for $1.99 a month over on YouTube to witness the awesomeness that is Pizza Cat. If you want merch follow her Facebook, send a message and she’ll ship you the shit. Here’s the audio. Check out some pics from the match below after giving it a listen.




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