Film-A-Mania Begins, Contest, and PowerBomb Announcement

Here we are, it’s been almost a week removed from WWE’s Wrestlemania 33. It was a great event but now it’s time for Film-A-Mania. I plan on covering at least one movie a week until the end of April. I will also be running a contest. You can win a DVD copy of Checkpoint starring Goldberg, The Maestro, and Bram and an HD Digital copy of Get Hard starring Taryn Terrell by sharing this post or any other written during Film-A-Mania on facebook and tagging  Wrestling With Film. The winner will be announced May 1.

However, right now I have some very important news. Sickening Pictures and Turnstyle Films are going to be filming the movie Powerbomb. According to the IndieGoGo campaign;

Powerbomb is the story of an independent wrestler on the verge of breaking into the big time, but he’s contemplating leaving it all behind to spend more time with his family. When our wrestler’s biggest fan hears the news, he decides to take matters into his own hands to ensure that his champion gets to the top by any means necessary.

PowerBomb will star the independent wrestlers; Matt Cross, Dick JusticeBritt Baker, and Gregory Iron. It’s centered around the Cleveland Independent scene. You can support the film on IndieGoGo by clicking here PowerBomb A Feature Thriller About Wrestling. I know some of the folks behind the camera on this film and if you support this film I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the end result. So please donate and make PowerBomb a reality.


matt crossDick justiceBritt BakerGregory Iron



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