Rock’in Around the Christmas Tree Extra: “Shawn” We Now Our Gay Apparel, Pure Country: Pure Heart Review

Today, I’m taking things in quite a different direction. Pure Country: Pure Heart is a country musical that was put out by Warner Bros. and WWE Studios back in August of this year. It’s about the Spencer sisters who want to find out information about their late dad, a former Marine, who also happened to be a singer. Their mother, Elizabeth, played by Amanda Detmer (Final Destination) has kept details about their dad from them.


Their journey takes them to a veteran’s home where they meet CJ Simms, a Korean veteran, played by Ronny Cox. You may know Cox as Dick Jones from Robocop (1987) or Cohaagen from Total Recall (1990). Ronny very rarely takes roles in films nowadays and focuses on his music career and he sure can sing.



Their journey also takes them to Nashville to seek out a friend of Simms who reveals to them that their father sang with Marq Dunn, a famous female musician. Marq’s bodyguard, Ted, is played by none other than former WWE Superstar, Shawn Michaels. This happens to be Shawn’s second film, his acting debut, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone was released on DVD back in January 2017.


Shawn Michaels Pure Country Pure HeartShawn Michaels as Ted

This movie is a heartwarming tale and it is quite the emotional roller coaster. It also stars Willie Nelson. If you’re looking for something to watch this holiday season with your friends and family and they are a fan of country music then you certainly could do no better than this film. I’m not the biggest fan of current country music but this movie was enjoyable and all the music was wonderful. I’d be remiss to not inform you that this is indeed a sequel to the 1992 film Pure Country,  it is actually the second sequel being preceded by the movie Pure Country 2: The Gift. However, it doesn’t seem to be necessary to watch the first two to enjoy or understand this one. So settle in with some cocoa and enjoy this film if it seems you would enjoy it.

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