Gnash at the Beach: Shark Exorcist

If you’re picking up a movie called Shark Exorcist, you pretty much know what you’re in for. You’re not here for high brow entertainment, you’re down in the gutter, ready for a good time with the expectation to be asking yourself, “What the hell?”. That’s exactly what you’ll get watching Donald Farmer’s crazier than a bed bug movie Shark Exorcist.


Shark Exorcist is about a lake in Tennesse plagued by a demonic shark, summoned by a satanic nun. It attacks a girl visiting with her friends and all hell breaks loose. Shark Exorcist stars Roni Jonah, an OVW alumni and at one point the Miz’ onscreen girl friend. Roni Jonah wrestled for a short time but has made a splash in her acting roles. She is in the upcoming movie Powerbomb which I have written about in prior posts. I can’t wait for that film. Roni plays a paranormal investigator, Nancy Chase who is on a tv show called Ghost Whackers. She is on scene at the lake to communicate with the spirits of the victims of the shark attack but in doing so she is possessed by the demon shark. Although she is not the central focus of the film, the focus being the group of friends who visit the lake, namely Ali the girl attacked and possessed, she certainly brings the movie a bit of comedic relief and brightness. Shark Exorcist is largely a mess but boy, what a mess it is! It will certainly not be everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoyed it for what it was. The exorcism parts with a priest played by Bobby Kerecz who also portrays his brother in the film seem like a different movie but it still works. I would have liked for it to be more seamlessly integrated into the film and have a more prominent role than it ends up having, however. Apart from the low quality of the demon shark and the way the actors portray being dragged under by it, the effects are good. It’s largely lots of blood and vomit but there is also a toothy bit of makeup later in the film. The movie is pretty short at 70 or so minutes but 20 minutes of it is what appears to be an extended shoe horned after credit scene. If you like bottom of the barrel straight to video fare I hope you get the chance to see this. It’s no masterpiece but it satisfied me as a viewer. Be sure to follow Roni Jonah on twitter to keep up with her upcoming roles and grab a few brews, take a couple shots and sit down to experience Shark Exorcist, it’s gonna be one hell of a time.

Ghost Whackers Shark ExorcistRoni Jonah Shark exorcistnancy-chase-shark-exorcist.jpgCommunicating with the spiritsNancy Chase possessedA DEMONJonah SharkPossessed Nancy

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