Gnash at the Beach- Junk Files: Piranha Sharks

It’s the end of Sharknado week. Sharknado: The Last One premieres tonight on Syfy and I’m winding down my features on sharks with a movie that I really enjoy. Piranha Sharks features cameos by Al Snow (ECW, WWE, TNA) and future wrestling personality Jose Canseco, a former major league baseball player, who recently signed with World Class Revolution Pro Wrestling.


Piranha Sharks poster.jpg

Piranha sharks is set during the holiday season where bio engineered sharks to be used as weapons are a total failure. They are too erratic and end up eating a lab technician from the inside out. A couple of jamokes suggest to the head of the company that they market them like sea monkeys. Naturally everything goes tits up when people start buying these pets since you know, “People love sharks.”


Piranha Sharks Logo.jpg

This movie is a blast to watch. The characters are likable and it really works as a fun slice of dark humor centered around miniature freaking sharks. The exterminators that are the main focus of the film have some really fun dialogue with each other and you really do care about their lives. Kevin Sorbo plays the constantly pantsless mayor of Manhattan. Al Snow plays the creator of piranha sharks, an anthrophobe, who is scared to death of people. For someone with so few lines, he surely adds to the film, with his spastic outbursts and petting of plants. Jose Canseco plays himself, he is a spokesperson for piranha sharks. They are his babies and they saved his marriage. The CGI isn’t horrible and the practical effects of the piranha sharks when they are dissected and used in closeups are great. I really like the look of them. Although not super heavy on the gore when the mayhem begins it doesn’t let up very often. This is a fun movie that I’m sure most people who love B-Movies will enjoy. It’s a step above most of the stuff you see on SyFy. Unfortunately it never had a DVD release in the United States as far as I know. There is a German DVD with the actual title of Piranha Sharks and a release from the United Kingdom under the title Jurassic Piranha. It is available to stream on Amazon Video if you want to watch it. I definitely recommend this film. Piranha Shark

Al Snow Dr. Parson

Al Snow as Dr. Parsons

Parsons Background

Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco in deep contemplative thought about his beloved piranha sharks

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