Deck the Halls with Bau(tista)s of Holly: Hotel Artemis

The Christmas season can be brutal but can it be as unforgivingly violent as the Clearwater Riots of 2028 as depicted by our feature today, Hotel Artemis? I certainly hope not because it was one wild night for the city of Los Angeles.


Hotel Artemis is about a hotel that caters to injured criminals, it is run by “the Nurse”, Jean Thomas, who is played by Jodie Foster and her assistant, Everest, portrayed by Dave Bautista (Batista, WWE). They are having a very busy night at the hotel with criminals of all ilks showing up. A band of thieves, led by Sherman and his brother Lev have decided to rob a high profile bank but the vault has proved to be quite a hassle. Instead of getting into the vault they take what the common household assistants have brought to stowaway for their billionaire bosses. On the way out, one of Lev steals a fancy pen, even after being told he does not want it. They attempt to escape into the riot filled streets but are met with resistance by the riot police, one is killed and three are harmed, of the four, Lev is is critically injured. Sherman makes a call to the Artemis to bring his severely hurt brother Lev there. The hotel, usually a safe house is anything but this particular night. The pen that Lev has stolen happens to belong to a crime boss, “The Wolf King” Orion Franklin, Jeff Goldblum.  Orion has a particular way of dealing with those who steal from him, drowning them in the ocean. The hotel becomes a war zone when we find out that one of the patrons of the Artemis has come to kill an important mark. To say anymore would spoil the movie. Batista is excellent as Everest, his hulking frame more suited to being a henchman than a nurse’s assistant, but he takes his profession in healthcare seriously. Everest is also the Nurse’s right hand man at the hotel; handling repairs, unruly patrons, and anything else that might need done. Among the many colorful characters that come to take shelter at the Artemis and those already occupying it, Everest, was my favorite. He is not the main focus of the film, but in my opinion is still a major character. Hotel Artemis is a stylish film, set in the near future, with stunning visuals. The plot is interesting and I felt the whole movie came together well. I wish I could spend more time in the reality the film brings to life and I would recommend it to folks who are fans of thrillers and action flicks alike.

Hotel Artemis 1

From left to right, the Nurse (Jodie Foster) and Everest (Dave Bautista)

Hotel Artemis 2Hotel Artemis 3Hotel Artemis 4Hotel Artemis 5Hotel Artemis 6

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