Roddy Piper’s Piping: Three Wise Guys

I didn’t think I would get around to reviewing any holiday films starring wrestlers this holiday season but I managed to change that last night. I’ve had my copy of Three Wise Guys for quite some time but never got around to  it.

Three Wise Guys poster


Three Wise Guys is about three hired men who work for a crooked casino owner, Murray Crown, played by Tom Arnold (Roseanne). They are hired to find a guy named Jake Marley who has information that could ruin his business. The Three Wise Guys are played by Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13), Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club, and Nicholas Turturro (The Longest Yard). They happen to run across a young lady named Mary Ann Davidson, who is pregnant. She robs them after they help her. Turns out Murray also wants her to be found as well, as she is supposedly pregnant with his child. This leads to the wise guys searching for Mary and her child much like the nativity story of the bible. Three Wise Guys also stars the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (WWE, WCW) as Pastor Roberts, who along with his wife gives shelter to Mary. He is charming in this part, it may be a small role but I really do enjoy Piper’s bit parts in films. He was quite an actor and I am always amazed at his ability to bring characters to life. Any chance I get to watch a performance of his is sure to be a highlight of my day. This film is a nice little made for TV movie; it’s a mostly family friendly affair, albeit it does have some violence. I found it be an extremely charming holiday film. It largely takes place in the desert as it takes place in the areas surrounding Las Vegas, Nevada. I thought with the amount of star power in the film that perhaps the rest of the aspects of the film would suffer but that was not the case. If you enjoy made for TV holiday fare, you may very well enjoy Three Wise Guys. It is available to rent through Amazon Video and can be bought on DVD on Amazon and Ebay as well for cheap. I hope everyone has a happy holiday.

Three Wise GuysThree Wise Guys 2Three Wise Guys 3Three Wise Guys 4Three Wise Guys 5Three Wise Guys 6Three Wise Guys 9


I’d also like to remind everyone that I do sometimes write for B&S About Movies. I have a few recent holiday centered film reviews available there. I recently reviewed Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride for the site and was surprised to find out that it features Benny Benzino, a retired wrestler from Ohio,  as a bouncer. I also reviewed the film Santa Jaws, featuring a Santa hat wearing killer shark from a comic book that comes to life!

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