Merry Christmas To All And To All A Food Night: Slaw

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m still writing reviews. I never thought I’d be able to stick with writing throughout a whole month but here we are.

I spend countless hours on the internet searching for movies that star professional wrestlers and sometimes I stumble across things I would never have come across otherwise. One of those films was Slaw from 2017.


slaw poster.jpg


Slaw is about two brothers who torture and kill those who ruin their dining experience. It also happens to not only star professional wrestlers but the story was actually by former WCW professional wrestler, Honest John/ John Kap. John is one of the main stars of the film, as he plays one of the brothers who make people who are rude to him and his family pay. The film centers around brothers Gordon, played by John Kap, and Martha, played by Aaron Beelner and two detectives on their trail Turner, portrayed by Escalante Lundy (Django Unchained), and Hooch, played by WCW’s “Above Average” Mike Sanders. I was surprised at how much heart and soul, a movie that is basically a loose spoof on Saw, had. Now don’t think this is just a spoof as it stands alone on its own merits as well. The story is engaging, and the victims, although rude, are still portrayed as complex humans, with a desire to survive, and interesting stories.

Slaw 00

John Kap as Gordon

slaw 02

Left, Mike Sanders as Detective Hooch

One of the major catalysts for their abduction is that Robert, played by the film’s screen play writer and assistant director Richard Tavernaro, has Gordon and Martha thrown out of a ritzy restaurant where they are celebrating Martha’s birthday. It is here that Martha has a run in with fellow diners and professional wrestlers, Kevin Nash (WCW/WWE), Martha’s favorite wrestler (He even has his poster above his bed so it is the last thing he sees before he sleeps), Amber O’Neal (Shimmer Women Athletes, Shine Wrestling, Women of Wrestling), Luke Gallows (WWE, TNA, New Japan Pro Wrestling), “Nature Boy” Paul Lee (WCW, NWA, Smoky Mountain Wrestling), and Glacier  (WCW). From there the movie kicks into high gear following the brothers and their game with the victims, as well as the detectives’ journey to search for Robert and his two female companions, the Ambers.

All of the wrestlers in the movie have good performances, but the stand out is John as Gordon. Sure, he’s given the most to work with, being a main protagonist, but he really commands the screen. He feels like a natural in front of the screen and is not over the top but very much reserved and composed. This is the kind of performance I love to see wrestlers give, where they just get what it is about to be on screen. I love my actors who are over the top just as much but seeing a role like this is enjoyable. Kevin Nash, is hilarious in his part, as are the others in the dining room scene. They all play themselves but it is fun that they are included and are not just throw away bit parts and important throughout the plot. Glacier, is a favorite of mine and I even had the chance to talk film with him when I met him at a show, I hope to continue to see him in film.


If you’re a fan of comedy with a heaping dash of horror, you owe it to yourself to see this movie. If you’re just curious and just want towatch a film that stars a slew of wrestlers, you should also give this movie a watch. Slaw is not only my favorite side dish, it’s a movie that I’m glad I had the chance to savor. You can rent it or buy it on Google Play, Amazon Video, and VOD so check your  Satellite or cable TV Provider. I was provided a screener link from the director by my own request but that in no way affected my review. Hopefully this sees a release on DVD, I was told it is still in the works, I’ll be buying it when it does.


Slaw 03

slaw 04

From left to right, Martha (Aaron Beelner), Glacier, and Paul Lee

Slaw 05

Background from left, Amber O’Neal, Luke Gallows, and Kevin Nash

Slaw 09slaw 011Slaw 012Slaw 013


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