March Madness: Beast of the Water

I popped into my local Family Video today to return some movies and browse a bit. I had been there a few times this past week but somehow missed a lone copy of Beast of the Water. I noticed a familiar face on the cover, Tyrus (Impact Wrestling, WWE) and immediately picked it up to read the back. I also noticed that EC3 (NXT, WWE, Impact Wrestling) was in it. I somehow missed the fact that he is also featured on the cover. I don’t know how it had escaped me so many times before and I was wondering how I didn’t know of the movie prior. I did know the movie albeit under its original title Enuatti.


Beast of the Water is about a small team of researchers, headed by Dr. Grey who are studying an area of Ohio where the Ininkwe, a lost first nation tribe were believed to live. The legends tell of water with interesting properties that may be the fountain of youth. They also warn of a water spirit known as enuatti. Dr. Grey unfortunately loses the funding for his anthropological expedition and is forced to cooperate with AESIV. AESIV is a strange corporation with it’s hands in many aspects of military and civilian enterprise. Dr. Grey and a handful of the corp’s security detail head into the Ohio forests to collect samples but things go FUBAR.

Beast of the Water happens to be directed and written by some of the reality show Face-Off from SyFy’s contestants. Face-Off is a special effects make up competition where participants show off their prowess in effects work. It’s really interesting to see what all they are capable of on the show and this film gives them a chance to showcase their skills not only as SFx artists but as directors and writers as well.

EC3 and Tyrus both play AESIV security in the film. EC3 is Harris the team leader, who is a real piece of work, he is known for accomplishing missions by any and all means necessary. He isn’t the most enjoyable person to work with according to his fellow security member, Bateman, played by Tyrus. Bateman is a much more likable character in the film compared to Harris. The security detail is made up of three other individuals, Torres, Evans, and Febles. Out of those three Torres played by Christina Fuentes was my favorite. Her dynamic with Bateman is well showcased and her and Bateman are much more developed characters than the rest of the security guards.

The researchers who assist Dr. Grey are interesting characters as well but that’s not usually the draw when it comes to a creature feature, which Beast of the Water largely is. The creature effects are well done and so are the rest of the special effects. It’s hard to forgive a film like this when the creature isn’t well done but Beast of the Water doesn’t have to worry about any of that.

EC3 does a fine job portraying Harris, who mostly glares at other characters, and throws his weight around with a cocky attitude. He’s perfect at this as is evidenced by his work in Impact Wrestling and now WWE. He looks the part as well. EC3 also did some background work as an extra in House of the Devil from 2009. Tyrus is imposing physically as it is so to see him play the sympathetic Bateman was an interesting angle. Tyrus has been in other movies such as No One Lives (2008) and the more recent Supercon. He also has a small part in the Netflix original series G.L.O.W. He is excellent here as Bateman and gets to show that although he is more level headed than most of his co-workers he can also beat the crap out of someone when the need arises.

I enjoyed Beast of the Water but I can understand why some people may not. There are some interesting narrative choices in the film and it is fairly low budget. That should not deter you from seeking it out though as it’s a fun little B-movie that is well made with fun special effects. You can find Beast of the Water on Amazon and other streaming outlets such as Vudu.

Beast of the water

EC3 as Harris, center

Beast of the water1

Tyrus as Bateman


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