Slasher Month! Axeman 2: Overkill (2017)

This film is a continuation of Axeman which I covered over on B&S About Movies. It also happens to be a giant middle finger to Axeman in most forms of continuity. The axeman in this film is now played by former professional wrestler Bryan Clark who was Adam Bomb in WWF and Wrath in WCW, he also wrestled in AWA and All Japan Pro Wrestling.



Although no one but Darren seemed to be left alive in the first one, he, Tammy and Liz are still alive. Tammy and Liz are severely injured in this film but are killed in the original. Instead of a bone stuck through Liz’ throat there is now a pen jabbed into the side of her neck. Tammy survived the strangling and now bares the wound where the axeman bit her cheek. Also Deputy Whitfield, played completely over the top by the wondrous returning Ariell Brachfeld, has a completely different car. However, none of this matters to me because this film is pure insane fun.

A group of crazy evangelicals are out to go to a couples retreat when they stumble across an injured Tammy, this of course leads them back to the Talbert cabin where all hell will shortly break loose. The criminals who planned the double cross on the crooks from the first film are also present in this and have tracked the money to the cabin as well. The group of criminals are a bunch of characters. Especially Bird and Sunshine. Bird carries an old dueling pistol around for some odd reason and it even seems to be semi-automatic. It’s fun to note that most of the prop guns in the films seem to be cheap Well airsoft guns. Nobody in this film is any sort of upstanding moral compass. Sunshine even calls herself satan’s whore at point. Sunshine is legitimately insane.

The reason I love this movie so much is because the director seems like he isn’t trying to make a super serious horror film this time around. He is here to put on a show and have a fun time doing it. I am baffled that this was the follow up to Axeman because they go in completely different directions from each other. This one explains why Bill Talbert is killing everyone. The director of this would also go on to make Snake Outta Compton which I also had a blast with. I covered that on B&S About Movies for Bastard Pups of Jaws month.

Bryan Clark kills it in his role as the axeman, Bill Talbert. He still looks like he could step in the ring and kick anyone’s ass that tries to step to him. He is delightfully maniacal in this film and has some great one liners. Seriously, I demand to see Bryan Clark in more film roles. In fact, I could see an entire franchise of him being a witty but menacing serial killer. Someone jump on that fast.

If you like crass, crazy, completely nutso films this is made for you. You can watch it on Screambox or rent/buy from amazon. I managed to get a digital copy from Vimeo before it was taken off so this has been sitting on my watch list for some time.


Bryan Clark as Bill Talbert


Slasher Month! Killer Campout (2017)

After my review of Wrestlemassacre, the director, Brad Twigg, offered me a screener of his 2017 slasher film, Killer Campout. At first I thought I would have to cover it on another site because I didn’t think it starred any wrestlers or wrestling personalities. I’m happy that I was proven wrong.

Killer Campout poster.png

Killer Campout sees a group of troubled teens heading off to a retreat in the woods for some therapy. However, lurking in those very woods is a cannibalistic killer on the hunt for food. It’s a homage to the slashers of yesteryear and is drenched in buckets of blood and guts. It stars Captain D. Capitate as the killer backwoods idiot, Gene Blackwell, Jenny Jannetty as the counselor Angelica and there is also a small cameo by Shovelhead Chuck.

This movie has a lot to love for fans of the slasher genre; naked flesh, lots of blood and gore, backwoods killers, and teens that are so stupid it is laughable. Oh, and did I mention Herschell Gordon Lewis (Godfather of Gore) does a voiceover for the beggining of the film and John Russo (Night of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead) has a small part as well. I really enjoyed the film, it looks like an old grindhouse picture, the killer’s ghillie suit is very memorable, as is his giant axe made out of what seems like road signs. The characters are all a hoot to watch as well especially the teens. The only character I really found unbearable was Chad.

Captain D. Capitate as Gene Blackwell is quite the sight. He doesn’t utter a single word and is super menacing. He makes for a great slasher villain. Jenny Jannetty as Angelica was mesmerizing, it was such an odd characterization. I couldn’t help be drawn to her any time she was in a scene. Shovelhead Chuck has a small cameo as Cletus near the end, that dude can make painting a fence a hilarious and entertaining experience. I need to see him in more stuff.

The rest of the cast is great. I’m an especially big fan of Luba Hansen, I love her line delivery and her presence on screen. It’s hard to imagine that Julio Fernandez would go from playing such a nice but troubled teen to an insufferable asshole in Wrestlemassacre but he pulls off both brilliantly.

If you like slashers, are a fan of gore, or you just want to have a fun time with a low budget film without worrying if it’s going to turn out to be a real stinker, Killer Campout is for you. You can get the DVD on Amazon. I will be picking up a copy when I can. I was sent a screener by the director but that had no bearing on my review.

Killer Campout

Captain D. Capitate as Gene Blackwell

Killer Campout1

Killer Campout2

Jenny Jannetty on the left as Angelica

Killer Campout3Killer Campout4

Killer Campout6

Captain D. Capitate as Gene Blackwell

Killer Campout7Killer Campout8Killer Campout9Killer Campout10

Killer Campout11

Shovelhead Chuck as Cletus

Killer Campout12Killer Campout13Killer Campout14

Slasher Month! Wrestlemassacre (2018)

Randy is an awkward groundskeeper who is obsessed with professional wrestling. Longing for a sense of belonging with grandiose dreams of becoming a wrestling superstar, Randy is only met with abject humiliation and alienation. A brutal shaming at a local wrestling school coupled with a bizarre encounter with a demonic stranger pushes Randy over the edge and lights the spark for his blood lust.

Donned in wrestling gear and armed with homicidal rage, Randy sets out on a blood soaked rampage to punish those who wronged him. With each ghastly kill, Randy takes a trophy from his tormentors to add to a wrestling title belt crafted from human flesh. The only hope of putting an end to his reign of carnage lies with Becky, an understanding client who is one of the only few to ever show him kindness.


I purchased this film a little over a year ago and I feel bad for just now getting around to watching it. This film is absolutely stacked with wrestlers, it’s amazing how many are in this low budget slasher with a wrestling spin. Some of the wrestlers include; René Duprée (WWE, various independents, Hustle, All Japan Pro Wrestling, and Wrestle-1), Richie “Cuban Assassin” Acevedo (Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, Stampede Wrestling, World Wrestling Council of Puerto Rico, Appalachia Pro Wrestling, NWA Mountain State Wrestling, AWA Apex Wrestling, Mason Dixon Wrestling), Jimmy Valiant (WWE, Jim Crockett Promotions, USWA,  CWA, and more), his manager Captain Joe, Sandman (Extreme Championship Wrestling, WCW, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Xtreme Pro Wrestling), Nikolai Volkoff (WWE,AWA, New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling), Tony Atlas (WWE, WCW, AWA) and Jimmy Flame.

Every once in a while a movie comes around that I feel was made with me in mind, even though there’s no possibility it was. That is how I feel about Wrestlemassacre, as much as I will pop for a wrestler just having a cameo in a film, having a film that features them so prominently will always make my heart glow.

Richie Acevedo plays the main character Randy, a down on his luck groundskeeper who aspires to be a professional wrestler like his father. He wants to win the heart of Becky, who is one of his clients. Randy is one super awkward dude, he seems to mean well but he just cannot catch a break. One night while watching a television preacher, he falls asleep, and dreams the preacher is telling him to start killing. The preacher gives way to a cackling demon. The effects of the demon were excellent.

Randy tries out to be a wrestler at Boogie’s (Jimmy Valiant) wrestling school, but is laughed out of the building after a small bout with Boogie himself. Randy eventually ends up completely losing his shit after an encounter with his father, played by Nikolai Volkoff, who belittles the ever loving daylights out of him and his mother. He accidentally kills his father which makes him snap and go on a murderous rampage.

There is also a storyline about Becky’s significant other, Owen, being a total douche who owes 14,000 some odd dollars to a Mr. Valentine because of fantasy football. Mr. Valentine is played by the wrestler Shovelhead Chuck, he has some truly hilarious lines. Mr. Valentine’s cronies include Jackie, a complete nut bag portrayed brilliantly by Jimmy Flame, and Brutus played by the wrestling personality known as Captain D. Capitate.

Seriously that’s not even all the wrestlers in this film; Becky’s brother Shawn, a struggling alcoholic, is depicted by René Duprée, one of the victims that Randy massacres is Preston Quinn (TNA), and two of Jackie’s heavies are played by Sandman and Andy Vineberg. In this same scene we see Live Wire Ryan Vox playing a storeroom worker. Tony Atlas plays a hilariously over the top bruiser that Jackie brings to terrorize Owen outside of a bar. Also Manny “The Raging Bull” Fernandez plays Randy’s friend and coworker, Tito.

I had so much fun with this movie, it is wild. There is some nudity and the gore is a-plenty. It takes some time to get to the killings but it is never boring getting there. I had so much to look at and take in that I was happy to wait until Randy snapped. Richie did a wonderful job as Randy and I will look for some of the other stuff he has been in as well. He had a recurring role on the TV series Outsiders, he was in Milfs vs. Zombies, Bigfoot!, and much more so I have an interesting filmography to dig through. Richie Acevedo is also currently working on a film titled The Mountaineer which you can read more about and support here on gofundme.


Live Wire Ryan Vox; right


From the left, Captain D. Capitate, Center Andy Vineberg, Jimmy Flame, and Sandman

wrestlemassacre tito.jpg

Richie “Cuban Assasin” Acevedo as Randy on the left to his right is Manny “The Raging Bull” Fernandez as Tito



Jimmy Flame as Jackie


From left; Jimmy Flame, Tony Atlas. Right; Andy Vineberg


Jimmy Valiant, center, to his right Captain Joe



Nikolai Volkoff as Randy’s father



Preston Quinn getting ready to brain Randy on a basketball post


René Duprée as Shawn

Wrestlemassacre1 7


Shovelhead Chuck as Mr. Valentine



Captain D. Capitate as Brutus manhandling Becky


Slasher Month! Hot Blood Sundae AKA Ice Scream the ReMix (2008)

Hot Blood Sundae stars Bobbi Billard who wrestled in WOW (Women of Wrestling) as Summer. She also had a short stint in WWE’s developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling before injury forced her to leave professional wrestling.

Hot Blood sundae poster.jpg

This movie had been on my want list for quite some time, mainly because it was ridiculously over priced when I was searching for it. Hot Blood Sundae or Ice Scream: The ReMix is remake of a 1997 film titled Ice Scream which was also a slasher/comedy. Ricky is a pervert that owns an ice cream shop which he has decided needs an adult spin where the employees wear super skimpy outfits to titillate their mostly male customers. One by one the employees are being killed by a psycho in a mask.

I found this movie on the streaming app Popcornflix last night and decided to give it a watch today. I only wanted to see it because it featured a wrestling personality and honestly although it is sort of fun it feels like a flop. This movie is really only interested in one thing and that is nudity. Sometimes I think that folks believe that throwing a copious amount of naked flesh into a movie automatically will make it appealing and it does for some but I feel like this movie could have been a bit better without so much of it.

Hot Blood Sundae has an awesome soundtrack, the gore effects are outstandingly gross and it has that campy as heck special charm. I am sure a lot of people will enjoy this one immensely as it does a fine job at showing flesh and red stuff flying all over the place. Seriously there is so much blood in this movie during the kills that it is almost funny at times.

Bobbi does a fine job as Vicki and out of the girls who play the scoopettes she was the most believable actor. Sure, her character is played with a confusing mix of confidence and airheadedness but it really works. She gets a small fight scene with the killer that is extremely enjoyable because of its outlandishness.  How does one mace a person in a mask that is just a 5 gallon bucket? Maybe she could teach Shane McMahon a few things about throwing a believable punch!

Hot Blood Sundae is beyond over the top and apart from what I find to be gratuitous nudity was enjoyable. I guess I should have known what I was getting into from the get go and perhaps with another viewing I will enjoy it more having known what to expect. If you like your slashers with extra boobies, butts, and laughs then Hot Blood Sundae is absolutely for you. You can watch this movie for free on Popcornflix or rent it from Vimeo.


Bobbi Billard as Vicki



Interview with Pro-Wrestler and Actor John “Bouncer” Catheline

After the premiere of Bodybag Ohio, I finally had the chance to catch up with John and get a small interview. We talk about his love for horror, how he got into acting, and how professional wrestling and acting go well together. You can keep up with John’s acting roles on the Facebook page, John Catheline-Actor and be sure to check out Real Action Pro Wrestling who have their annual Halloween show featuring a Costume Battle Royale on October 19, 2019 at the Highland Center in Struthers, Ohio!



Slasher Month! Wrestlemaniac AKA El Mascarado Massacre (2006)

Wrestlemaniac is a 2006 slasher film about a group of friends who have decided to film a porno flick in Mexico. They miss the highway and end up in the middle of nowhere when they stumble across an old gas station. There they are told to head south past the abandoned village, La Sangre De Dios and not to stop for anything and they will find gas eventually. Their curiosity gets the best of them and they stop anyway. One by one they are picked off by an insane luchador who was rumored to be nothing more than a myth!


I am absolutely enamored by lucha libre. So I had to pick this film up since it starred Rey Mysterio Sr. (Tijuana Wrestling, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, WWA- Tijuana), Rey is the uncle of WWE superstar Rey Mysterio Jr. Rey Mysterio plays the insane luchador named El Mascarado who attacks the young film makers and rips off their faces. This film also stars Leyla Milani who was the runner up of the 2005 WWE Diva Search. I had no idea Leyla was involved in wrestling in any capacity so this was an extremely interesting bit of information to learn while watching the movie today.

There are a few things I tend to associate with slashers, namely unstoppable killers, and a slew of  young lascivious idiotic men and women who are drinking and doing drugs. Wrestlemaniac has these things, perhaps not as numerous as most slashers but this low budget film has the stereotypical tropes we have come to know and love. We have; the overconfident sexually active dude in the director and leader of the film crew, Alfonse, the stoner, Jimbo, the drunken party girl, Daisy and the two sexy temptresses Debbie and Dallas (Leyla Milani), the three of whom are the stars of the flick, and Steve, the nerdy cinematographer, who just so happens to know all about the town of La sangre de Dios, El Mascarado, and lucha libre in general.

I think the reason I liked this film so much this watch through is because I am wrestling fan whereas I wasn’t particularly invested or interested in wrestling at all my first time watching. El Mascarado’s mask is a simple yet iconic looking one and I would love to own a replica of it, there are also two other masks featured in the film, El Diablo Negro’s and El Tigre’s both of which are introduced during the bathroom break stop at a seemingly abandoned gas station. The station is inhabited by a lonely stranger played by Irwin Keyes, who is the owner of the El  Diablo Negro mask, which he uses to scare the daylights out of the group. Steve immediately pulls out his El Tigre mask because, “…Nobody can beat El Tigre!”.

The tradition of lucha libre is oversimplified yet somehow exaggerated in this film which claims that luchadores must live in humiliation and never show their faces again after losing their masks. El Mascarado is the culmination of the violent tendencies associated with wrestling turned to maximum levels; he has been repeatedly lobotomized yet still follows the rules of the ring. He rips off the faces of all his victims and plasters them on the wall of his room that contains a make-shift ring made of oil drums and bull rope. The room is painted in blood and features a poster of El Mascarado before his unstoppable reign of terror.

This movie is just plain fun, sure the acting is amateur, and the movie tends to show its budget on its sleeve with minimal settings, but I absolutely loved this film this time around. The soundtrack is great and the killer is super memorable, Steve stepping up to try and save the day is awesome, and Leyla’s portrayal of Dallas as “more than just a pair of tits on legs” is much more than one would expect in a film that just stars a bunch of folks whose main purpose is to be massacred by the killer.

If you are a fan of wrestling and slashers this is pretty much tailor made for you, although those with only passing interest in wrestling/lucha libre might not find much to enjoy it’s still a fun time. The movie is only 75 minutes and it gets to the action fairly quickly. Give this one a watch sometime if you’d like. I’ll be revisiting it soon, I feel.


Leyla Milani as Dallas


Irwin Keyes as the stranger in El Diablo Negro mask


Jeremy Radin as Steve wearing the mask of El Tigre



Rey Mysterio Sr. as El Mascarado


Bodybag Ohio (2019)

Last night I had the chance to attend the premiere of Kwai Daniels’ Bodybag Ohio in Youngstown, Ohio. I have covered one of director Kwai Daniel’s films previously this year; The Refractor. The Refractor also starred a few wrestlers, some of who, also appear in Bodybag Ohio. Kwai is breathing new life into Youngstown with his movies and even offers a city film school to help local kids learn about the art of film production.

Bodybag Ohio is about a street criminal’s struggle to come up and his unfortunate ties to a local crime lord who fancies himself a celebrity. Two detectives are closing in on a case against the street criminal but things go sideways when one of their confidential informants goes missing and the detectives have to figure stuff out quick before the trail goes cold. The cast is quite large for an independent film and it features a handful of wrestlers from the area.


Bouncer (left) and Curt Fury (right) on the red carpet at the premiere

The wrestlers in this movie include, Bouncer (RAPW, MEGA Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Rampage, Main Event Wrestling League), Curt Fury (RAPW), Kip Paige (RAPW, various independents), Zoey Skye (Shimmer Women Athletes, RISE Wrestling, MEGA Wrestling, RAPW), Shawn Blaze (MEGA Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Rampage, RAPW), Kage (RAPW), Aftermath (RAPW), and Levi Masterson (RAPW). It was great to see them on screen and getting a chance to shine on the silver screen.

I had fun with this movie, it’s a low budget film but it is filled with so much love and charm that I couldn’t help but be totally smitten by it. Bouncer plays the local crime boss Earl the Pearl’s right hand man, Jimmy. Jimmy is an imposing character and Bouncer is perfect for the role. It was wonderful to see him have more to do in a film then just look tough and lay the smackdown. His line delivery was well done and I will always check out anything that he is is.

Curt Fury plays a councilman named Curt that is in a particularly tight spot since Earl is trying to revive film production in the city but the council is pushing for Hollywood to get involved in the city. Kip plays another one of Earl’s cronies, while Zoey plays an especially badass local that Jimmy hires to get some compromising photos of the character that Shawn Blaze is portraying. Unfortunately for Shawn’s character, Zoey beats the tar out of him. The blood effects of the broken nose he suffers was extremely well done! The other wrestlers were in smaller parts but no part is too small, without cameos and background characters movies would be pretty boring.

Everyone involved in this film gave their all but some of my favorite parts were the news reporter who kept having to cover all the craziness happening in Youngstown, and one of his interviewees, a local bar owner who was played by Paul Worley who owns and operates Benny’s Comics in Sharon, Pennsylvania. The house burglars turned bounty hunters also brought some comedic gold into the film. It has little issues here and there with sound quality, odd transitions, and a slight hiccup with a opera song in the background of an Italian festival not being sung in Italian but German but those are minor nitpicks. Body bag Ohio had a perfect blend of seriousness and silliness and I recommend it to everyone who wants to see  a fun independent film. I look forward to the sequel and hope to see some more wrestlers in it. Be sure to pick this one up on DVD when it is released. I will link to it when it is released and will update this article with screenshots as well.

Slasher Month! Sleeper AKA Outback Revenge (2012)

My good friend Sam Panico is a pro-wrestler who loves movies. He runs the site B&S About Movies where I write every once in a while. Sam has been a constant inspiration to who I want to be as a movie fan, he’s honest to a fault about what he watches, and he has fun. Too many people don’t have fun watching stuff anymore, it’s a dang shame. Sam is doing a whole month of slasher movie reviews on his site and I went through my collection and picked out some slashers to cover over here on Wrestling With Film! I hope you enjoy them and please check B&S About Movies every day where there will be not one but two slashers featured a day during Slasher Month!


Sleeper is a 2012 Australian film that stars pro-wrestler Raven (WCW, WWE, ECW, TNA). It is also known as Outback Revenge. The film is about an escaped psychopath named Resnik who is on the hunt for a girl named Kelly. He is killing everyone that gets in his way during his pursuit, and a few cops are trying to capture him before he can finish the deed. Resnik is played by Scott “Raven” Levy and I felt like he was the glue that held the movie together.

I had a real hard time deciding whether or not to include this as a slasher at first because it seemed like it was more of a cop movie. I couldn’t have been more wrong thinking it was a cop movie. Sure, it has cops in it, and they play a large part in the plot but this is all about Resnik, who he is, why he is doing what he is doing, and why he is pursuing Kelly.

I had a good time with this movie, it’s a little less than 90 minutes and it doesn’t overstay its welcome. It is a low budget film and it really feels like one at times but some of the best movies I’ve watched are low budget so I’m not holding that against it all. Raven does an excellent job as Resnik, a mute brute with no qualms about tearing people’s heads off and being a beast in human skin. Resnik has been imprisoned for a while and they only let him out at night, sedating him during the day so he only operates at night. I don’t see how anyone else could have brought the gravity of the character of Resnik to life. Raven fits the bill, his hair is a rat’s nest and his visage is blank at times but there is definitely a struggle going on behind his eyes in this film.

It’s not really a typical slasher but I don’t want that to deter anyone from seeing this film as it deserves a bit more exposure then I think it might have had. I wasn’t a wrestling fan when this film released so I don’t know how much of a deal was made out of this movie by horror or wrestling news outlets but I will champion its efforts when someone asks me for something to watch that stars a wrestler from now on.

Give this one a watch over on Amazon Prime if you feel like it as I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on it, it can also be bought pretty cheaply as an used DVD.