Slasher Month! Hot Blood Sundae AKA Ice Scream the ReMix (2008)

Hot Blood Sundae stars Bobbi Billard who wrestled in WOW (Women of Wrestling) as Summer. She also had a short stint in WWE’s developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling before injury forced her to leave professional wrestling.

Hot Blood sundae poster.jpg

This movie had been on my want list for quite some time, mainly because it was ridiculously over priced when I was searching for it. Hot Blood Sundae or Ice Scream: The ReMix is remake of a 1997 film titled Ice Scream which was also a slasher/comedy. Ricky is a pervert that owns an ice cream shop which he has decided needs an adult spin where the employees wear super skimpy outfits to titillate their mostly male customers. One by one the employees are being killed by a psycho in a mask.

I found this movie on the streaming app Popcornflix last night and decided to give it a watch today. I only wanted to see it because it featured a wrestling personality and honestly although it is sort of fun it feels like a flop. This movie is really only interested in one thing and that is nudity. Sometimes I think that folks believe that throwing a copious amount of naked flesh into a movie automatically will make it appealing and it does for some but I feel like this movie could have been a bit better without so much of it.

Hot Blood Sundae has an awesome soundtrack, the gore effects are outstandingly gross and it has that campy as heck special charm. I am sure a lot of people will enjoy this one immensely as it does a fine job at showing flesh and red stuff flying all over the place. Seriously there is so much blood in this movie during the kills that it is almost funny at times.

Bobbi does a fine job as Vicki and out of the girls who play the scoopettes she was the most believable actor. Sure, her character is played with a confusing mix of confidence and airheadedness but it really works. She gets a small fight scene with the killer that is extremely enjoyable because of its outlandishness.  How does one mace a person in a mask that is just a 5 gallon bucket? Maybe she could teach Shane McMahon a few things about throwing a believable punch!

Hot Blood Sundae is beyond over the top and apart from what I find to be gratuitous nudity was enjoyable. I guess I should have known what I was getting into from the get go and perhaps with another viewing I will enjoy it more having known what to expect. If you like your slashers with extra boobies, butts, and laughs then Hot Blood Sundae is absolutely for you. You can watch this movie for free on Popcornflix or rent it from Vimeo.


Bobbi Billard as Vicki



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