Slasher Month! Killer Campout (2017)

After my review of Wrestlemassacre, the director, Brad Twigg, offered me a screener of his 2017 slasher film, Killer Campout. At first I thought I would have to cover it on another site because I didn’t think it starred any wrestlers or wrestling personalities. I’m happy that I was proven wrong.

Killer Campout poster.png

Killer Campout sees a group of troubled teens heading off to a retreat in the woods for some therapy. However, lurking in those very woods is a cannibalistic killer on the hunt for food. It’s a homage to the slashers of yesteryear and is drenched in buckets of blood and guts. It stars Captain D. Capitate as the killer backwoods idiot, Gene Blackwell, Jenny Jannetty as the counselor Angelica and there is also a small cameo by Shovelhead Chuck.

This movie has a lot to love for fans of the slasher genre; naked flesh, lots of blood and gore, backwoods killers, and teens that are so stupid it is laughable. Oh, and did I mention Herschell Gordon Lewis (Godfather of Gore) does a voiceover for the beggining of the film and John Russo (Night of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead) has a small part as well. I really enjoyed the film, it looks like an old grindhouse picture, the killer’s ghillie suit is very memorable, as is his giant axe made out of what seems like road signs. The characters are all a hoot to watch as well especially the teens. The only character I really found unbearable was Chad.

Captain D. Capitate as Gene Blackwell is quite the sight. He doesn’t utter a single word and is super menacing. He makes for a great slasher villain. Jenny Jannetty as Angelica was mesmerizing, it was such an odd characterization. I couldn’t help be drawn to her any time she was in a scene. Shovelhead Chuck has a small cameo as Cletus near the end, that dude can make painting a fence a hilarious and entertaining experience. I need to see him in more stuff.

The rest of the cast is great. I’m an especially big fan of Luba Hansen, I love her line delivery and her presence on screen. It’s hard to imagine that Julio Fernandez would go from playing such a nice but troubled teen to an insufferable asshole in Wrestlemassacre but he pulls off both brilliantly.

If you like slashers, are a fan of gore, or you just want to have a fun time with a low budget film without worrying if it’s going to turn out to be a real stinker, Killer Campout is for you. You can get the DVD on Amazon. I will be picking up a copy when I can. I was sent a screener by the director but that had no bearing on my review.

Killer Campout

Captain D. Capitate as Gene Blackwell

Killer Campout1

Killer Campout2

Jenny Jannetty on the left as Angelica

Killer Campout3Killer Campout4

Killer Campout6

Captain D. Capitate as Gene Blackwell

Killer Campout7Killer Campout8Killer Campout9Killer Campout10

Killer Campout11

Shovelhead Chuck as Cletus

Killer Campout12Killer Campout13Killer Campout14

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