Copper Bill (2020)

Two thieves attempt to steal 80 million dollars of hidden Texas drug money from the famed ranch belonging to a dead member of the Cowboy Mafia.

When I see a wrestler is in an upcoming movie, it’s time for celebration. Even though the world around us seems to be crumbling, I still can find some comfort in film. I saw Dustin Rhodes (AEW,WWE,WCW,TNA) was going to be in this crime thriller a few months back. It was originally supposed to hit VOD on Valentine’s Day but it was met with a bit of a delay. Thankfully, I found the time to sit down with it today.

Dustin Rhodes debuted as Preacher Woodward in 2014’s Meet Me There, an independent horror film that not only features wrestling in it but also stars a few other wrestlers in cameos.  He also was in The Murders of Brandywine Theater alongside Diamond Dallas Page. He has also been cast to be the lead in the director of Copper Bill, Brett Bentman‘s upcoming film, Thunderclap!, along with Kevin Nash and R-Truth. I’m especially excited for Thunderclap! because I am a big fan of Nash’s acting and R-Truth is one of my favorite current stars in WWE.

Copper Bill is about a down on his luck gambler named Jessup who cooks up a scheme to rob one of the ranches of a legendary member of the cowboy mafia. He partners up with Mitchell (Dustin Rhodes), a tougher than leather debt collector for a man known simply as The Indian. They run into some trouble when after breaking into the mansion on the ranch, they discover that the grand-daughter the man’s ranch they are robbing is mute and doesn’t want to disclose the location of the millions they are after.

Dustin Rhodes churns out a wonderful performance as Mitchell in this film. He looks the part of a rough and tough no goodnik, with his myriad tattoos, cut off shirt, cowboy hat, and boots. His speech is natural, which is a thing not all actors have mastered. Sometimes I have a real hard time believing in character because something about their manners and line delivery just seems off. Dustin really gets a chance to showcase his acting abilities in this film, his ferocity in questioning the grand daughter, Lily, was outstanding. He really commands the scenes he is in, because of his physical stature. I imagine that Dustin will see many more roles in his future after his outing in Copper Bill.

This movie is quite violent at times, almost alarmingly so at some points. I really wasn’t expecting this from the movie for some reason but it is not out of place. The violence really works to further the plot, so it is not gratuitous.  They used their budget wisely in this film and pull off some great special effects through out. The movie is beautiful to look at and I had an excellent time with it. You can watch Copper Bill on Amazon Prime Video for a small rental fee. I think most folks who are into crime thrillers will enjoy this.

Brett Bentman certainly seems to be on a great path as a film maker who works with wrestlers as he also wrote and directed 90 Feet From Home starring Shawn Michaels. With two films starring professional wrestlers already under his belt and one more in the pipeline, he is someone I’m going to keep my eye on.