Deathboard (2020)

Valerie buys a house with a gruesome past. Four of her friends come over to help her move in and have a housewarming party. After a strange encounter with a creepy neighbor, the ladies discover an old Ouija board in the basement and unwittingly unleash a horrifying evil. Can they survive the night?

I’ve started to become quite the fan of Brad Twigg’s work. You may remember my reviews for his films, Killer Campout, and Wrestlemassacre. Wrestlemassacre recently saw a DVD release from Wild Eye Releasing which you can pick up here. Brad asked me to give Deathboard a watch since it will be coming out soon. After him telling me that the wrestlers Mad Maxx Morrison and Jimmy Flame were in it, I knew I had to watch it.

Deathboard has a lot to offer fans of B horror films, it’s got pretty ladies, a crazed killer, and my personal favorite, wrestlers. Mad Maxx plays Valerie’s kooky neighbor, Milton Harris, who waltzes in on the girls while they are having a conversation in her new house. He warns them that it probably isn’t the best idea to be there and they should stay out of the basement but the girls go in the basement anyway. You see, the house used to belong to Cyrus Riker, a killer who made a pact with Satan to gain immortality.

The movie takes place over the day and night that Valerie has her friends, Kathleen, Dawn, Annie, and Pam help her move in to the old Riker place. We get to spend a good chunk of time getting to know the girls and seeing their friendship, they get pizza, drink, discuss their lives. Then the killings begin to start back up after a brief ouija session. 

I had a lot of fun with this movie. The girls all do a great job with their roles, I’m especially fond of the characters Pam and Kathleen. My favorite parts of the movie are whenever Milton shows up, as well as Jimmy Flame’s role as Bo. Jimmy is hysterical as Bo. It was also really cool to see The Winner Andy Vineberg as Lt. Kincaid and TJ Mathis as his partner, Sgt. Wilson.

The gore on display in this one during the killings is top notch too, it’s chunky, it’s slimy, it’s perfect. There is also a bit of nudity for the folks who like that in their horror. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with either.

If you are fan of any of Brad’s other films, you’re going to love this one as well. If you haven’t seen any of his previous work, I suggest you give Deathboard a watch and dive into his filmography. Brad is someone whose work is always something I look forward to. Deathboard should be releasing sometime within the next two months so keep your eyes peeled for it soon.


Andy Vineberg as Lt. Kincaid


Mad Maxx Morrison as Milton Harris


Jimmy Flame as Bo

Deathboard 4

TJ Mathis as Sgt. Wilson and Vineberg as Lt. Kincaid