Talking Mulholland Drive with Remy LaVey

It’s become somewhat of a tradition to watch Ready to Rumble while working on these interview blog posts. Yesterday I went and picked up a 27 inch CRT television so now I have a pretty sweet set up for watching VHS. On February 18th I went to Real Action Pro Wrestling for My Bloody Valentine. I had the chance to sit down with Remy LaVey to discuss Mulholland Drive. We originally had 3 movies to talk about. The other two were John Carpenter’s Vampires and Event Horizon. We decided just to talk about Mulholland Drive since Remy had told me he had a lot to say about this film. Remy went on to win the Wildcard Championship that night. You can follow Remy LaVey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can see Remy wrestle at Premier Championship Wrestling, The International Wrestling Cartel , Black Diamond Wrestling, Mega Championship Wrestling, and of course Real Action Pro Wrestling. Remy doesn’t have any online merch yet but that’s all the more reason to check him out at a show. Side note: I didn’t get a chance to mention that Laura Harring who stars in Mulholland Drive was in All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos alongside Gator McGraw and Punisher alongside Kevin Nash.




Before we get to the audio I’d just like to promote an upcoming show in North East Ohio called Clothesline Cancer which is being put on by Wrestling4ACause. I’ll be there and I’m preparing a special basket for them to raffle off featuring movies that star wrestlers and more. Please come out and support a great cause and see some awesome wrestling featuring a personal favorite of mine Beastman.Clothesline Cancer.jpg


Now here’s the audio of Remy and I discussing Mulholland Drive. Enjoy Folks Remember to follow my Facebook Page for giveaways, updates and more.



Talking Film with Joshua Singh



Last week I made the trek out to Elyria, Ohio for yet another action packed night of wrestling courtesy of Mega Championship Wrestling. It was an awesome night, I also had the chance to talk to Joshua Singh about some DC comics movies. They were Man of Steel and Suicide Squad. Joshua Singh was the perfect choice to talk film with as we are both film lovers. Just a warning there are spoilers in this interview so don’t listen unless you’ve seen the movies or don’t care about spoilers. You can find Joshua Singh on all forms of social media at @_JoshuaSingh_ He also runs a youtube channel full of movie reviews and film talk here Joshua Singh Youtube. Catch him at Mega Championship wrestling and buy a tee at either Teepublic or Pro Wrestling Tees. Each site has different designs. Keep in mind this audio is raw and may not be the best. Here it is: Talking Film with Joshua Singh

December 2016 Fallout

So I have decided every month or so I will do a breakdown of films starring wrestlers that I got the previous months. I got a major haul in December. Here it is:


First up is a bunch of movies starring Hulk Hogan; 9 action movies also has Jesse Ventura in Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe and No Contest which stars Roddy Piper, The Ultimate Weapon stars Hogan and Brutus the Barber Beefcake, the Shadow Warriors double feature also has the movie Maximum Force which stars Asbjorn Riis, 3 Ninjas stars Professor Toru Tanaka, 3 Ninjas Kick Back stars Killer Khan, McCinsey’s Island stars Hogan and Brutus the Barber


A Bet’s A Bet stars Maria Kanellis, 20 ft below stars Johnny Morrison and Melina, Serial Buddies stars Melina, Dark Angel Season 2 stars Lita, Monster Brawl stars RJ City, Jimmy Hart, Rosemary, Kevin Nash, Kurrgan, and Rico Montana, Entourage stars Shayna Baszler


Every one of these films star Rowdy Roddy Piper


MacGruber stars Chris Jericho, MVP, Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane, The Great Khali,  Ready to Rumble stars way too many wrestlers for me to name but look for John Cena in the gym scene, Luchador Implacable stars Dos Caras Jr. (Alberto del Rio), The Master Demon stars Ludvig Borga, Death Match stars Ludvig Borga and Madusa (Alundra Blayze)

Well that’s everything I’ve picked up in December, the following months won’t be as much as I have quite a few shows to attend. Make sure to like Wrestling with Film FB for more frequent updates.


Miz the Season!

I’ve been gone for quite some time but I’m back! It’s December which means Christmas is right around the corner and it’s bringing a delivery full of ChristMiz prizes with it. I’m doing a giveaway for a package full of wrestlers in film and holiday cheer! To enter; you must be a resident of the United States, email and tell me about your favorite wrestling related Christmas memory or gift, like the Wrestling with Film Facebook page, invite a friend to like the page, and finally share this or one of the reviews to come throughout December where I’ll be reviewing Christmas films that star wrestlers on Facebook. Be sure to tag the page as well. I’ll put you all into a random number drawing and choose a winner on December 27th! It will probably be a live video on the facebook page so make sure to like the page. I’ll be picking some of my favorite entries of your wrestling Christmas memories or gifts and including them in my Christmas wrap up article.  Now onto the prizes!

Christmiz 2016.jpg

If you win you get this all! San Andreas and Pain and Gain starring The Rock, Illegal Aliens starring Chyna, Death Racers starring Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, and Raven. Why would I include Death Racers? Because J and Shags were actually backyard wrestlers and they have a promotion. You also get all 4 The Marine flicks, Christmas Bounty, and Santa’s Little Helper which is Paige’s film debut. That’s 4 movies starring the Miz. I’m a Miz mark so I had to include these. Plus he didn’t star in one Christmas movie but two! Last but not least you get the digital HD codes for Central Intelligence and Interrogation. It’s an instant wrestlers in film collection. I went out and purchased these all to show you just how much your support means. Keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas fun.


Zombie Beast of the Confederacy

Today I finally sat down to watch another of former pro wrestler turned writer/director Diamond Troy Justice’s films titled Zombie Beast of the Confederacy from Wild Boar Films. This movie is jam packed with awesome; Canadian hillbillies, evil scientists, chemical warfare during the Civil War, Vietnam, and my favorite thing pro wrestlers as actors. This one happens to star Diamond Troy Justice, Bad Bubba Brewer, Sera Feeny, and Fleck. All wrestlers from Pennsylvania. Sera Feeny hasn’t wrestled in a while and now goes by April Sera but you can still follow her on twitter. April Sera Twitter She also has a Facebook April Sera Facebook She’s an awesome wrestler and I hope she returns to the ring soon. She’s talented and I think she could go places. So show her some love and support folks.

The movie revolves around the A.F.F. American Freedom Force and their retrieval of a black box in Canada as well as its exploits in Vietnam and Indiana County Pa. It all is connected to a virus created during the Civil War and a German scientist who has gotten his hands on the virus. It’s highly enjoyable.

AFFThe American Freedom Force. From left to right; Troy Justice as Captain John Steele, Fleck as Fleck, Sera Feeny as Dixie and Kracker Vance as Sniper

There’s a few good fight scenes with Dixie (Sera Feeny) and Sonya Krueger (Marissa Falcone) as well as one between Dixie and Captain Steele.

Dixie and Sonya.jpg                                               Dixie and Sonya fighting.

Dixie and Steele                                                               Dixie and Steele

Sgt Buzz.jpg                                           Bubba forefront as Sgt. Buzz



If you want a movie about zombie confederates, special forces, and betrayal then this film is for you. Keep in mind that I watched a screener. The movie will release on DVD on August 16th at Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Barnes and Nobles so be sure to pick it up. I give this movie a 3 out of  5 and think that with a larger budget Diamond Troy Justice’s films will be even better. Support independent film and pick this one up. You can preorder it on Amazon here Zombie Beast of the Confederacy Amazon

Drunknado: The Wrestlening Part 2

Well today I continue my absurd task of covering the Sharknado films that star wrestlers. Honestly if anything came of the SyFy airing of Smackdown/ partnership with WWE this is it. Former wrestler cameos in Sharknado films. Now I know in Sharknado: The Second One Kurt Angle then TNA wrestler was in it but this time former WWE Diva Maryse and former WWE SuperStar Chris Jericho were in this film. Now when this started I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be an easy one to sit through so instead of my normal one can of steel reserve malt liquor I upped it to two.

The movie starts with Fin Sheppard running through Washington DC to accept the highest civilian honor for saving both Los Angeles and New York City. He’s running around being carted around by the secret service before coming upon a group of protesters and high tailing it to the white house.

Maryse as Officer Reese Davis                                                  Maryse as Officer Reese Davis

When he gets there he is stopped by two officers one of which is played by the Miz’ wife Maryse Mizanin. While all this horsecrap is happening at the White House, his now wife again April and daughter are at Universal Studio’s Orlando for a birthday I think. In DC another Sharknado has hit.

In Universal they encounter Bruce roller coaster operator who is played by Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho as Bruce                                                Chris Jericho as Bruce

Meanwhile the entire East Coast is being attacked by sharknadoes. What ensues is Fin saving them all from the sharknado. Nova from the first movie is back in leather and eventually just bra and panties. She helps Fin with the sharknadoes. There is trips to space and Bruce gets eaten alive.

Bruce eaten

Basically this movie is everywhere and anywhere. It’s a mess full of celeb cameos and mayhem. If you like Z grade movies that are filmed like they’re B movies then you’ll probably dig it.

Even though I was pretty hammered I didn’t really enjoy it. There’s some enjoyable things about it but over all it’s a stinker. I’d give it a 1 out of 5 and a pass unless you’re really drunk and want to see any and all things that star a wrestler.

As always you can find me at Wrestling With Film Facebook or at Independent wrestling shows throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. This one’s not for the sober minded you really got to be altered to even remotely enjoy it. Join me on my FB page this Saturday for a live tweet of Sharknado The 4th Awakens starring Seth Rollins. I’ll be drunk and so should you. Hopefully it’s the end of Sharknado sequels.

Paul AKA Scoochslam

Drunkado: The Wrestlening Part 1

Today I decided to take the bold leap into reviewing the Sharknado films. Well, just the ones that star  wrestlers in preparation for a live stream of me watching Sharknado The 4th Awakens on July 31st. I was reluctant to undertake this task but with my trusty flavored malt liquor I bravely trekked on.

I guess I can’t really jump into the 2nd one even though it’s the first of the movies to star a wrestler. The first one centers around Fin former pro surfer and current bar owner and his family. Hurricane David is hot off the trail of Mexico and heading toward California. With it comes water spouts; funnel clouds over water full of friggin sharks. Fin saves the day. Lots of flooding California, sharks in the streets, sharks in pools, houses, whatever, you name it. Lots of horrible CGI to boot as well. It’s not that fun but it was a viral sensation and huge hit for SyFy and The Asylum.

Sharknado 2: The Second One which is its actual freaking title for some reason, opens on a plane. It’s been a year since the Sharknado. Fin’s wildly famous because of his ex wife, current girlfriend who wrote a book about how to survive a sharknado. There’s a clever bit about with Fin having a twilight zone-esque moment with seeing sharks on the wing. He thinks he’s crazy he’s not. A large majority of this movie takes place in NYC and involves his sister and brother in law and their kids. Everyone’s running around like a bunch of idiots trying to find each other as a couple of sharknadoes descend upon the city. I was quite disappointed to find out that Kurt Angle of WWE and TNA fame was only in it briefly playing a fire chief somewhere around the hour and 12 minute mark.

Kurt Angle Fire Chief                                                             Kurt Angle: Fire Chief

If you’re a fan of pretty dang awful movies that are filled with celebrity cameos. I mean absolutely filled. You name em, they’re in this friggin movie. If you love that kind of stuff or are looking for fun filled evening full of your friends drinking and making fun of the movie which is exactly what this movie wants you to do, I think, you’re in for a treat. Kurt doesn’t get to show off much of his acting chops but I plan to cover some of his other outings in the future. Personally I’d give Sharknado a 1 out of 5 and Sharknado 2: The Second One a 1 1/2 out of 5. I am full of Sheetz food and alcohol so I had fun and don’t feel this was a waste of time. I just think with the insane amount of money I assume they made from the first movie, they would have had the cash for some more practical fx and a better script. I hope you’ve enjoyed my drunken ramblings about Sharknado 2. Stayed tuned sometime next week for a review of the 3rd movie. You can find me on Facebook where I’m pretty active on the blog’s FB pag Here’s the link;Wrestling With Film Facebook page I do drunken live streams of various wrestlers in films related things on there. It’s also where I will live stream my drunken commentary of Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. As always you can find me running around Pennsylvania and Ohio at Independent wrestling shows dressed as Bray Wyatt. However, I will be switching it up next month.

Stay frosty folks, Paul aka Scoochslam


Half Breed Rise of the Nephilim Aka Hybrid Genesis 6:2 Project review

When I started this blog my main goal was to focus on films that aren’t very mainstream. I had planned to do one of my favorite movies but it didn’t pan out. Today’s review is definitely not mainstream. It’s a super low budget film made in partnership with Diamond Championship Wrestling; a promotion that used to run in Pennsylvania. The movie is written and directed by Diamond Troy Justice and also stars Bad Bubba Brewer. It’s a Wild Boar Films production. You can keep up with their releases on their Facebook page Wild Boar Films. I was supposed to review this movie and another from this director back in January but I was slacking majorly.

The movie is about a secret Soviet experiment that has to do with angels impregnating women and creating hybrids just like what happened in Genesis in the bible. The movie opens with scripture pertaining to the plot and some video of Soviet military parades. The rest of the movie largely takes place in the woods of South America where we’re introduced to Captain Rhodes played by Diamond Troy Justice who is credited as Troy Fritz.

Captain Rhodes                                           Diamond Troy Justice as Captain Rhodes

Rhodes and his extraction team are tasked with finding the target Ivan Fedorova played by Bad Bubba Brewer and call in an airstrike on the compound.

Ivan the terrible                                             Ivan played by Bad Bubba Brewer

Unfortunately a C130 drops a payload containing a hybrid and all heck breaks loose. The movie follows Captain Rhodes and his first encounter with the hybrid and a second encounter with another a year later.

Hybrid 1                                                  The first hybrid encountered.


Sophie Hybrid 2                                                                              Hybrid 2

Now keeping in mind that the budget of this film was quite low it’s actually not too bad. Some of the effects are a bit hokey but that’s understandable. I could nitpick about the choice of military uniforms as well but I’m just here to have fun which is exactly what I had with this movie. I love that most of the firearms used in the movie seem to be real steel versions instead of air soft guns. I wish they all fired blanks instead of the flash effects but this movie was fun. I’d give it 3 stars out of 5.

You can purchase the film on amazon here; Half Breed if you go through Amazon Smile you can have a portion of your purchase go to an organization or cause you would normally support.

Illegal Aliens Review and Giveaway

Today is a bittersweet day. It’s the day before Vicious Outcast Wrestling’s Purge show. It also marks the passing of the 9th Wonder of the World Joanie “Chyna” Laurer. I’m still fairly new to the wrestling fandom so I wasn’t watching during her prime in the Attitude Era. I have seen some of her matches on my Attitude Era and DX DVDs. Today however I would like to celebrate her life through what I do know her from and that is her film work. A few weeks back I purchased Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy which Chyna has a small part in but today we are going to focus on the 2007 film Illegal Aliens. Now I happened to win 6 sealed copies of Illegal Aliens back in December of last year. Upon hearing the news of Chyna’s passing while in the parking lot of my volunteer job I decided I would watch this film. I hadn’t heard many good things about this movie but it was just what I needed a sci fi comedy romp.

The basic plot is that 3 shapeshifting aliens are sent to Earth in 1987 to protect the world from aliens wishing to do humans harm. They take the form of beautiful women portrayed by Lenise Soren, Anna Nicole Smith and Gladise Jimenez

Illegal aliens                     From left to right: Lenise as Cameron, Anna as Lucy and Gladise as Drew

The Illegal Aliens as the girls are called are assisted by the AI Syntax to help save the world. During the times the world doesn’t need saved they are Hollywood stunt coordinators except for Lucy who seems to have her own reality show.


After 3 years on Earth an evil alien named Rex who happened to be in a relationship with Cameron inhabits the body of the local eatery and bar’s wife. Who just happens to be fiendishly and hilariously portrayed by Chyna.

Chyna.jpg                                                                   Chyna as Rex

Rex kills her host body’s husband Tony and proclaims that everyone is working for her now. Anyone who objects is shot. Her objective is to get the necessary parts to build a mega gravitron and destroy the world so that aliens can relegate it as their home planet.

I’d really like to not get into much else about the movie but will say it is tons of mindless fun with lots of fart jokes, girls kicking ass, and Chyna who seems to really love working on this film and getting into this role. There is also quite a bit of fourth wall breaking.

I’ve decided to rate films from here on out like wrestling matches which are out of 5 stars. This one is a solid 3 and 1/2 stars I had a lot of fun with it.

Now for the giveaway part. I will be linking this article on the Wrestling With Film FB Wrestling with Film and Twitter wrestlingwfilm twitter . Like the FB page and share this review for a chance to win. You can also follow and retweet on Twitter to be entered. This contest is only open to folks in the United States and Canada. This contest is open until Monday May 1st


Deluxe Lucha Loot February Crate

About 5 months ago Masked Republic started a lucha libre themed subscription crate. Every month for $19.95 plus shipping you can get a standard crate that comes with an issue of Rudo Can’t Fail; an english language Lucha zine, a T-shirt, an officially licensed mask of a lucha libre star, and an autographed 8×10. I subscribe to the deluxe crate for $32.45 plus shipping which includes a T-Shirt sized 2x or 3x, the zine, a mask, the autograph and some exclusives. T-shirts in smaller sizes come in crates priced at $29.95 Today I’ll show what I got in my February deluxe crate. If you’re interested in signing up after reading this you can at if you are a new subscriber and use the code WRESWFILM you can get 10% off your first crate!

The deluxe crate included this awesome A Clockwork Orange logo style Ingobernales t-shirt.The Standard crates gets a different shirt than the deluxes. A Clockwork Orange happens to be one of my favorite movies. I wore it immediately after receiving it. The picture on the left is the front and the right is the back of the shirt.


Bub is sporting this month’s mask which is a Fantasma/Hijo del Fantasma mask.


This month’s autographed 8×10 was of the luchadora Thunder Rosa who also happens to be Kobra Moon on El Rey’s Lucha Underground


Also included was a Lucha Las Vegas pilot screener, a lucha gym sticker, Rudo Can’t Fail Issue 4, an art card of the Rudo Can’t Fail issue 3 cover and a Mistico keychain. The only things in this picture that were in the standard crate were the RCF issue and the lucha gym sticker.IMG_4345.JPG

A Mucha Lucha ATL poster was also included in the deluxe crates. Randomly inserted ones were signed by Pentagon Jr. and Fenix.

If you like what you see head on over to and sign up using the code WRESWFILM for 10% off your first crate.