Half Breed Rise of the Nephilim Aka Hybrid Genesis 6:2 Project review

When I started this blog my main goal was to focus on films that aren’t very mainstream. I had planned to do one of my favorite movies but it didn’t pan out. Today’s review is definitely not mainstream. It’s a super low budget film made in partnership with Diamond Championship Wrestling; a promotion that used to run in Pennsylvania. The movie is written and directed by Diamond Troy Justice and also stars Bad Bubba Brewer. It’s a Wild Boar Films production. You can keep up with their releases on their Facebook page Wild Boar Films. I was supposed to review this movie and another from this director back in January but I was slacking majorly.

The movie is about a secret Soviet experiment that has to do with angels impregnating women and creating hybrids just like what happened in Genesis in the bible. The movie opens with scripture pertaining to the plot and some video of Soviet military parades. The rest of the movie largely takes place in the woods of South America where we’re introduced to Captain Rhodes played by Diamond Troy Justice who is credited as Troy Fritz.

Captain Rhodes                                           Diamond Troy Justice as Captain Rhodes

Rhodes and his extraction team are tasked with finding the target Ivan Fedorova played by Bad Bubba Brewer and call in an airstrike on the compound.

Ivan the terrible                                             Ivan played by Bad Bubba Brewer

Unfortunately a C130 drops a payload containing a hybrid and all heck breaks loose. The movie follows Captain Rhodes and his first encounter with the hybrid and a second encounter with another a year later.

Hybrid 1                                                  The first hybrid encountered.


Sophie Hybrid 2                                                                              Hybrid 2

Now keeping in mind that the budget of this film was quite low it’s actually not too bad. Some of the effects are a bit hokey but that’s understandable. I could nitpick about the choice of military uniforms as well but I’m just here to have fun which is exactly what I had with this movie. I love that most of the firearms used in the movie seem to be real steel versions instead of air soft guns. I wish they all fired blanks instead of the flash effects but this movie was fun. I’d give it 3 stars out of 5.

You can purchase the film on amazon here; Half Breed if you go through Amazon Smile you can have a portion of your purchase go to an organization or cause you would normally support.