Rock’in Around the Christmas Tree Extra: Psych the Movie

I’ve never been a huge follower of Psych, mostly due to the fact that I did not watch it regularly. Psych has been off the air for about 3 years so when I heard there was a movie coming I wasn’t overly excited.  However, my father enjoys watching the show and I do as well so I made a plan to watch it with him. A few nights ago, I found out that Charlotte Flair and John Cena also star in it and that is when it became a priority watch. The reason for this is that this is Charlotte Flair’s acting debut.

Psych follows Shawn Spencer who pretends to be a psychic and his friend Gus who work as psychics for the Santa Barbara police force. It follows their weekly wacky adventures as two nerds try to figure out the crime of the week. Psych is no stranger to wrestlers appearing on their show, over the years it has starred; the Bellas, Mickie James, John Cena, Miz,  Big Show, and last but not least Stacy Keibler.



Psych the Movie sees the gang back together trying to figure out the murder of O’hara’s partner Samuel and a manifesto titled The Crimes of Juliet O’hara during the holiday. Plenty of movie references are used and it’s basically a two hour long episode of Psych. Now seeing as I haven’t watched the entire series, I am not the target audience. I’m fairly certain those who watched the entire series and have been missing it these past three years are bound to love this.

I enjoyed it because not only is it a holiday movie in a round’a’bout way but Charlotte Flair really does a great job with the stunts she performs as the hunch person Heather Rockrear. She also has a great line about how her milkshake brings old bald guys to the yard. John Cena returns as O’hara’s brother Ewan as well in a hilarious bit part. The movie doesn’t feel overly long like some movies that are continuations or sequels to television series. It hits all the right notes that Psych is so well known for and it was a perfect stepping stone for Charlotte Flair to get her feet wet in the wild and crazy world of acting. Here’s to many more roles for Flair and fun time for die hard fans of Psych. Psych the Movie premiered on the USA network at 8 pm EST on December 7, 2017 but it will be followed by an encore at 11 p.m. tonight as well as 6 am on December 12th.

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