The Box of Shitmas Haul

My buddy who runs the blog Shit Movie Fest ran a giveaway called The Box of Shitmas. I just happened to be the winner. Here’s some pics and blurbs about the contents. Spoiler: it’s a lot of shit.


7 freaking sealed copies of Illegal Aliens starring Anna Nicole Smith and “Chyna” Joan Laurer. I’ll be keeping one and giving the rest away to friends. Only one person has accepted to take one so far.

FullSizeRender (2)

Star Trek: The Primate Directive Planet of the Apes crossover issue plus a bunch of dvds and blurays. Gun Woman I think has actually been on my watchlist for a while. That Jeff Dunham will go to my best friend as I’m burnt out on his comedy because my best friend played the specials constantly in our dorm room.


That blurry thing on the far right in the previous picture is this Gandalf lenticular bookmark and staff pen.


A bunch of other random stuff. Blizzard entertainment magnets, Shredder sunglasses, ugly sweater cookies, Mindfreak journal and hat, some steam punk novel, a film cell from Empire Strikes Back and sticky darts. I was obsessed with sticky toys as a kid and even concocted my own formula to make them even more sticky. I don’t remember the formula. That North Poe (Lol) card had a $25 fandango card, a $15 Barnes and Nobles card and not pictured a $25 Amazon card that immediately was spent on a large order of autograph protectors


A bunch of graphic novels based on games I’ve never played. Although Dead Space I’d love to play. Reading these should be a blast.


I’ve seen none of these not sure how many seasons there are of Prisoners of War as this only the 1st season I may have to buy the rest for completion sake. The one I’m most excited for is The Thing on the Doorstep because I am a huge Lovecraft fan. I’ve actually thought of creating a lovecraftian protagonist wrestling persona. Not for me. I can’t wrestle but I’d love to see that in ring and storyline wiT


There is a bunch of dvds in the box of shitmas here are some more. Meet Me There actually stars Gold Dust from WWE and features a bit part played by Leva Bates so I can’t wait to write about that one.


That’s some Smoky and the Bandit film top left I think bottom left is Hillbilly Horrorshow Vol 1. I’ve seen none of these.


Finally own a Dustin Mills movie (Skinless) hopefully one of many.


Bunch of blurays, cds, tetris stickers and elf ears. Fun fact these might actually be better elf ears than the ones Paige sports in the WWE film Santa’s Little Helper but more on that film some other time. I also can finally watch one of Chad’s The Horror Movie BBQ favorite movies Batman in high definition.

FullSizeRender (3)

Bunch of figures and what not. The Frankenstein and Andre the Giant were pulled from funko mystery boxes. Andre will go to a friend as I do already own him. Those cosplay cards are really nifty. I’ll be opening those soon. The Monty Python magnets are nifty as well.

That’s it that’s everything in The Box of Shitmas

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