I Am Vengeance (2018)

If there is one thing that pro wrestlers lend themselves easily to when it comes to film roles, it is action roles. Action roles don’t always call for lots of talking which is good for those who are just getting a foot hold into the acting world. You don’t always have to have the best speaking skills when it comes to action films, because, let’s face it we’re here for the punches, kicks, guns, and violence.

I am Vengeance

I Am Vengeance is an action thriller from the United Kingdom. It was written and directed by Ross Boyask. It stars professional wrestler Wade Barrett (Stu Bennett), known to many from his stint in World Wrestling Entertainment as well as being a host on Season 3 of Ultimate Beastmaster. He was in a few movies prior to this one; Dead Man Down (2013), Eliminators (2016), and Fanged Up (2017).

It also has an appearance by English pro-wrestler turned actor/director Leroy Kincaide. Leroy has been in a slew of shorts as well as the movie Kingdom of Gladiators and this one. He is also the founder of the independent film production company Nocturnal Pictures.

I Am Vengeance is about John Gold (Wade Barrett), a former soldier turned mercenary who learns that a friend of his has been killed in his old town of Devotion. After discovering his friend, Dan Mason has been murdered, he sets off to Devotion to discover who was responsible for the death of Dan Mason and Mason’s parents.

John shows up to town, enters the pub, and loudly states that he is there to find out what happened to the Mason family. After an extended silence, he is told by a young woman, Rose, that she knew Dan and his parents who often visited her cafe. He tells everyone that if they have a problem with him they can meet him outside. A group of ex-special forces soldiers show up to fight him but with too many spectators they leave.

One of the bartenders, Sandra, informs Gold that she was friends with Dan, and Gold asks her to tell him more. Sandra and Gold become embroiled in a back and forth with the ex-special forces who have now entered into the drug smuggling business.

The action in this film is excellent, the ex-special forces members do a fine job of intimidating the locals and causing problems for Gold. When they are sent after Gold, bloodshed ensues. I really enjoyed the gun play in the movie and there is just as much hand to hand combat as there are shoot outs.

Barrett as John Gold makes me miss the heyday of action movies, and gets me wondering how well he would have fit in then. I’ll be looking forward to more roles where Barrett gets to showcase some more badassery. I’m aware that there will be a sequel to I Am Vengeance or as it is known in the United Kingdom Vengeance and I’m excited for it as I feel I Am Vengeance hits all the right notes needed to satisfy me when it comes to an action flick. If you are a fan of action you should check this one out. It is easily found on Netflix in the United States.

Vengeance1Vengeance2vengeance3Vengeance4Vengeance5Vengeance coverVengeance6

I Am Vengeance Leroy

Leroy Kincaide: Left

I am vengeance leroy 2I am Vengeance leroy 3I am vengeance leroy 4I am vengeance leroy 5I am vengeance leroy 6I am Vengeance leroy and stuVengeance7Vengeance8Vengeance 9Vengeance11

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